OAES IB PYP Program of Inquiry
The Ocean Ave Program of Inquiry (POI) is the transdisciplinary core of the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) at Ocean Avenue School. Every year, each grade explores six rich units of inquiry, spanning the school year and integrating the content and skills learned across social studies, science, literacy, math, and the arts/PE, as well as social/emotional learning. All teachers reflect on and improve their inquiry units collaboratively, to keep the units relevant, engaging, challenging and significant.

Through the IB PYP model, we provide concept-based, inquiry-driven learning, where teachers guide and support students to ask questions, wonder, find and discuss answers, build knowledge and understanding from their learning work, organize their learning for presentation to others and reflect on their own learning. We encourage our students to take meaningful action in authentic ways based on the knowledge and understanding that they gain.

CLICK HERE  to look at our IB PYP Program of Inquiry across all grades and throughout the year. This POI is updated periodically so that you can see which units are being taught and which have been completed:  Highlighted units are those currently being taught and italicized units have been completed