OAES IB Learner Profile Attributes
All learners, younger and older, at OAES are engaged in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. This means we pursue knowledge and skills through concept-based, inquiry-driven units that integrate social studies, science, language and arts learning; and math where appropriate. We aim to develop our students into life-long learners who think conceptually, seek knowledge that help them understand the world, and act with integrity and an open mind throughout their lives.

The IB Learner Profile includes the character attributes that our IB PYP learners practice every day. The Learner Profile Attributes use child-friendly language to aid understanding: 


I can use my curiosity to learn. This means I ask questions, find answers, and share what I learn.


I can explore concepts, ideas and issues that are important to where I live, and in the world.


I can try to answer questions and say what I’m thinking, even if I’m not sure it’s right.

I can try new things, even if they seem strange at first.

I can do what I think is right, even if it is not popular.


I can use what I know to solve problems on my own.

I can solve problems in different ways.

I can use my thinking to make decisions that are fair for everyone.


I can tell the truth.

I can do the right thing.

I can be responsible for my words and actions.


I can say what I am thinking (in different ways.)

I can understand when others talk. to me.


I can respect and learn from people who are different from me.


I can help others in need.

I can understand and respect how other people feel.

I can work to make my world a better place.


I can think about my learning, and know what I am good and what I need to work on.


I can get my mind and body ready for learning.

I can take care of my body and be safe and healthy.