Literacy skills are central to 21st century communication, problem-solving, development of new knowledge and engagement in the demands of our global society as informed citizens. Learning revolves around language; therefore, every educator and staff member at OAES is a language teacher. Students learn from each other and their own experiences, as well as from the adults around them both in and outside of school, therefore we recognize that language learning is a school-wide opportunity as well as everyone’s responsibility across our community. Language is a key tool in the development of “international-mindedness.” Our entire school community embraces the IB Learner Profile and the five Essential Elements—knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes and action—as integral parts of teaching and learning language.

Equally important, we are committed to providing a learning environment that promotes the acquisition and instruction of English as well as our second world language, Spanish. We recognize and cultivate the language diversity and background knowledge that our multicultural students bring to OAES. Honoring each student’s native language (or mother tongue) is necessary to respecting, maintaining and sharing each student’s home culture.

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