OAES IB PYP Learning Attitudes

Ocean Avenue IB Attitudes for Learning

These are 15 attitudes for learning and relationships that we explore with our students to demonstrate who we are becoming as lifelong learners. The Attitudes are aligned with the IB Learner Profile as the embodiment of “international-mindedness.”



can align with REFLECTIVE 

can align with COMMUNICATOR

Noticing and being grateful for the wonder and beauty of the world, its people and living things, and creative expressions.

Working with others, cooperating to solve problems together, leading or supporting groups in helpful ways.



can align with PRINCIPLED

can align with COURAGEOUS 

Taking your own learning seriously, continuing to try, showing self-discipline and responsibility.

Recognizing your learning abilities, having the courage to take learning risks, applying your learning and taking appropriate, thoughtful action.



can align with THINKER

can align with INQUIRER 

Exploring your imagination, being original in your thinking, your expression and your approach to solving problems.

Wanting to know more about how we learn, how the world works, and about people, cultures and other living things.



can align with OPEN-MINDED

can align with INQUIRER

Imagining yourself “in other people’s shoes” in order to understand their thinking and emotions.

Enjoying learning about the world, and happily putting effort into the inquiry process.



can align with BALANCED

can align with PRINCIPLED

Acting thoughtfully and responsibly, making your own judgements based on reason and evidence, and defending your judgements.

Being honest and demonstrating a thoughtful sense of fairness.



can align with KNOWLEDGEABLE

can align with CARING 

Continue trying to do or understand something even though it seems difficult.

Recognizing the equal value of others, yourself and the world around you.



can align with PRINCIPLED

can align with OPEN-MINDED

Recognizing your own role in doing the right thing, completing a requested task, honestly communicating and reflecting on mistakes.

Understanding the differences and diversity among people in the world, and including others different from you in your activities and thinking.