Inquiry Teaching and Learning at OAES

OAES Inquiry Statement

Inquiry teaching and learning at OAES is an active engagement approach that combines exploration, collaboration, and reflection. Teaching and learning are ignited by genuine curiosity, and students are guided to formulate their own questions. Purposeful investigations and making connections lead students to construct meaning. Students become responsible for their own learning as they reflect on their inquiry.

As part of our commitment to the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, our teaching staff is embracing the model of teaching and learning known as the Inquiry method. Many approaches exist around teaching through inquiry.

After wondering, investigating, and building understanding of what inquiry teaching and learning means to us, OAES educators have developed our own version of the INQUIRY CYCLE:

Tune In--Find Out--Make Meaning--Take Action 

To understand the stages in more detail, and the questions that our students might consider along their journey, please click here.